Where I've been, what I've done

If you want something to take away, you can download my resume and my publications (a bit out of date). Or see what you can find at Google, particularly Google Scholar. (Add "MIT" to the search string to filter out all the biologists.)

Capsule Summary

I grew up outside of Philadelphia at the end of the Main Line, and went to MIT to be a linguist. In the process I discovered the MIT AI Lab, and stayed there for graduate school.

In 1980 I went to UMass Amherst as part of the faculty in the Computer and Information Science Department (COINS), where I shepherded seven students through to their Ph.Ds and consulted for Alan Kay at the Atari Research Lab.

Eventually I moved on to a startup I'd help put together, and then spent much of the 1990s as an independent contractor as well as teaching and collaborating at Brandeis.

When my twins arrived, I realized I needed steady work so I took a job as a Lisp programmer at Gensym. After that came MERL and then Zoesis.

After Zoesis folded I moved to BBN, in the Intelligent Computing unit where I spent a very engaging five years until a year of bad funding led management to decide to decapitate the AI Group. But fortune smilled, and I almost immediately moved on to SIFT to do the same kind of work as I was doing at BBN.